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Third Lavra Lecture on Community

Each year, the Lavra invites one of the living legends in the study of communities to offer their reflections on the meaning and purpose of community.  These are events in which we come together to reflect upon the meaning of life together--whether it is within a family, neighborhood, or intentional community.  This year on Saturday June 2nd, we are pleased to host Dr. Deborah Altus, Professor of Gerontology at Washburn University in Kansas and former President of the Communal Studies Association as well as longtime board member of the International Communal Studies Association.  After visiting and studying hundreds of communities in her long career, she will share her insights into what makes for a successful, alternative living environment.  She will also explore the special role for intentional communities in caring for an aging populace in America.  It promises to be a memorable evening that you will make you think, laugh, and be inspired.    

For those who haven't joined us previously, we gather after 6:30 PM with the first hour dedicated to drinks and appetizers.  PLEASE BRING AN APPETIZER or DESERT TO SHARE!   The talk will begin about 7:30 and will be inside the yoga room, so we will all be warm.  Dr. Altus will speak for around 45 minutes, followed by a discussion.  Afterwards, we gather together for dessert and conversations, often around the fire.  While the talk is free, we again encourage you to bring some food or dessert to share with folks.

Please share the event with friends and colleagues, as the conversations only get better with more voices.  If you have already, RSVP-ed, then we have you on a list.  If not, it is not too late: RSVP but you are welcome to come last minute as well.  If you need directions, please email.

Here is a little more about Deborah:
Dr. Deborah Altus is widely known for her study of intentional communities inspired by B. F. Skinner’s novel, Walden Two, as well as her pioneering research that served as the basis of the Encyclopedic Guide to American Intentional Communities, edited by Timothy Miller.  She has been inducted into the NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation) Hall of Fame as a Co-op Educator. Dr. Altus is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America.  She has published numerous articles on caregiving for people with dementia and on shared housing arrangements for older people (e.g., intergenerational home-sharing, housing cooperatives, congregate living, Green Houses, etc.).  A native of Santa Barbara, she graduated cum laude from the University of California, San Diego and received her MA and PhD from the University of Kansas.  Her latest research is on intergenerational home sharing.  She recently gave the keynote address at the International Communal Studies Association meeting at Tamara, Portugal.

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