The Lavra in ancient Greek meant a place where paths came together.  Toward that goal, we hope to be a place where our local community can gather to talk, create, heal, grow, and find support.  The events are run through our non-profit, the The Lavra Community Foundation.


Here are some of the recent events:

May 6, 2017: The Second Annual Lavra Lecture on the "Future of Community" offered by Dr. Dan McKanan, Harvard


Dr. Dan McKanan of Harvard University offering the Second Lavra Lecture on Community, at the Lavra in Arroyo Grande, California on May 6 2017


April 30, 2016: The Inaugural Lavra Lecture on "The Future of Community" offered by Dr. TImothy Miller, University of Kansas

Peace, Love, Lavra 2015


Peace, Love, Lavra Party