The Lavra Educational Foundation is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) located in San Luis Obispo County. We provide educational workshops on sustainable living, environmental building, health/wellness, and communal living, directed by resident-teachers who live these values at our experimental living campus in Corbett Canyon.   Here is your chance to support community living and our experiments in educating the central coast.  Click the following to donate through Paypal.



As our nonprofit continues to grow, we hope to offer educational workshops, lectures and events to our local community in a variety of forms. Some of our current and planned events include:

The Lavra Lecture Series

Started in 2015, the Lavra Lecture Series invites experts from our local area and across to country to speak on a variety of topics, from psychological health, philosophical approaches to community, and the future of communal living.  These evenings are opportunities to gather as a community into a room, hear something interesting, and then have engaging conversations with wine.  

Sustainable Building Workshops

We plan to offer workshops and events that will expand the knowledge of alternative building materials and designs, such as building with Cob, green roofs, composting toilets, and other alternative building techniques.  

Community Gatherings

In the effort to encourage communal ties and interconnections in our local area, we host monthly community dinners as well as other social gatherings such as wine tastings, dances, bonfires, and movie nights.