In ancient Greece, a Lavra was the place where back alleyways came together and people gathered. We aspire to create a modern version of the crossroads where people from across the Central Coast can come together.


At the Lavra, we aim to create:

a)       Gathering Spaces: Open and warm gathering spaces for neighbors and the wider community, particularly to support creative, educational, and spiritual endeavors. These events include community potlucks, seasonal celebrations, workshops, and an annual lecture series.

· b)     Sustainable Living: Models for reflective and sustainable living in concert with the land.  In striving for this goal, we strive to: 

  • Create small dwelling structures, made wherever possible with natural or recycled materials;

  • Homestead through the development of the farm, garden, and vineyard.

  • Incorporate permaculture and regenerative principles into the operation of the homestead.

  • Seek renewable resources and shared resources whenever possible.

  • Maintain a robust volunteer program to educate volunteers from around the world.